Monday, October 1, 2007

Lobelia Lover's Lullabies

Lobelia Lover’s Lullabies

1. Last day of love

We loved without tomorrow,
without knowing night or day
no trace of rancor
no figment of doubt
until now:
I was awakened
by the soft shower of rain
from a crevice created
by a broken window glass.
a drop
of clayish

June 2005
I left my lover

2. Leave no traces

Leave no traces
of love in my bed:
I hate cleaning up the mess
of used condoms and semen
splattered on the sheets,
of genetic marks and pubic hair
lingering on my pillow,
of worn out perfume and burnt gel
smashed on the headboard.

I need no reminders
of desires consummated
and dragged to the dustbin
of short-term memory
for my love resides
not in the sexual glands
but in the deepest lacunae
of my spirit.

Love is not for you
or me to make
but that which our soul
once unified gives.

June 2007
I met my soulmate

3. Walk like a man

Today, I walk
in the garden
sniffing scents
of flowers abloom
filling my lungs
with nature's love --
the wind embraces me
butterflies kiss me
the sun showers me
with warmth
as I walk like a man
but with a woman's
exquisite spirit.

July 2007
I fell in love again

4. A vampire’s verisimilitude

this pained droplets
from my weary wrist
so I may see no more
of betrayed buffoons.

let me be the wine
that quenches eternal
your thirst for libidinal liquids
spurting from anonymous flesh.

Drink, my love.
You cannot kill me twice.

August 2007
I hurt my lover

5. Beware, my spirit

Beware, my spirit
love lingers like thorns
in secret crevices:
when you shout
"I'm done with you!"
the real loving begins
and the pain
never ends.

September 2007
I hurt myself

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